TKI history - overview of our success story:

1968 foundation of MKF Metallbaukontor Frankfurt GmbH by 10 leading metal construction companies from the metal construction federation under the direction of Dr. Pfeiffer. 

1972 TKI® Technisch Konstruktive Interessengemeinschaft GbR founded. First non-insulated window system TKI® 40. 

1974 first thermal insulated window construction TKI® 440. MKF Metallbaukontor Frankfurt GmbH and TKI® Technisch Konstruktive Interessengemeinschaft GbR merge into a development and trading company.

1983 window and door systems TKI® 551, TKI® 661 and TKI® 771.

1989 development of window and door systems TKI® 602 and TKI® 752.

1992 window and door systems TKI® 602 and TKI® 752 introduction to German and European market.

1994 smoke protective system TKI® 060 R-S and mullion-transom facade TKI® 252 and TKI® 262.

1995 high thermal insulated window and door series of TKI® 713, smoke protective door series of TKI® 071 RS.

1997 foundation of the TKI Technische Konstruktiven Interessengemeinschaft GmbH as licensers and managers of the TKI systems.

2004/2005 CE-testing of the TKI facade systems and CWCT British Standard quality inspection.

2006 merger with eurAl group companies and CE-certification of the window and door systems TKI® 713.

2007 energy saving regulation: new development of the high thermal insulated window and door systems TKI® 755.

2008 transom-transom facade TKI® 252 R² with certification according the newest EN guidelines.

2009 window series TKI® 755 and transom-transom facade TKI® 252 R².

2012 MKF becomes TKI SYSTEM GMBH. Launch of the real barrier-free threshold for TKI® 755.

2013 TKI become 45 years & change to new storage technology.